Precisely Reduce the Risks that Matter

Stop wasting resources on low risk findings across infrastructure, cloud and application security

The Best Vulnerability Management Programs Run on Brinqa


Why is it so hard to prioritize and reduce what matters?

Impossible Backlog

Fragmented Visibility

Ownership Complexity

Communications Gap

Impossible Backlog

Millions of vulnerabilities. Dozens of sources. It’s a fool’s errand to try to remediate everything.
How are you prioritizing today?

Prioritize Based on Risk

Fragmented Visibility

Hopping from tool to tool. Different definitions of risk. Sounds like an exposure management nightmare. Do you have a single picture of risk across your attack surface?

Unify Vulnerability Data

Ownership Complexity

Assets with no owners. Assets with multiple owners. The “who” of remediation is complex. How much time are you wasting trying to find the right owner?

Streamline Remediation

Communications Gap

Spreadsheets of CVEs. Lengthy reports. This isn’t motivating non-security stakeholders to act. How do you communicate cyber risk in the context of your business?

Translate Security Speak

Vulnerability management is crumbling under the volume of detected vulnerabilities and mandates to proactively manage cyber risk.

Stop obsessing over detection.

Take a new approach to vulnerability management.


Risk Operations Center

A new approach to managing exposures pre-attack

A Risk Operations Center (ROC) is the heart of a proactive security program. It streamlines workflows for managing and mitigating threat exposures from infrastructure, cloud, application security, and vulnerability management.

This enables CISOs to translate security findings into business impact that executives and boards can understand and act on.

The Brinqa Platform

The Only Platform Purpose-Built to Run your Risk Operations Center

  • We developed and implemented a remediation strategy with the insights Brinqa provided, initially focusing our remediation efforts on our crown jewels and moving down the priority list.

    Jim Desmond, CISO, Asurion

Where do you want to start?

Vulnerability Risk Management

Prioritize infrastructure and cloud vulnerabilities with asset and threat context to streamline your vulnerability management program


Risk Operations Center

For CISOs and security leaders looking to elevate proactive security to manage all exposures pre-attack — enterprise wide


Application Security Posture Management

Unify AppSec silos and prioritize security findings across traditional and cloud-native apps to take your program to the next level


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