Provision, Assess, Protect

A comprehensive risk-based approach to security and governance for externally sourced and internally developed applications

Risk-Oriented Application Security Management & SDLC Governance

Accurate Application Inventory

Delivers complete visibility into your software applications whether developed internally or sourced from vendors.

Complete Business Context

Evaluates every aspect of application security - business context, static code analysis, dynamic testing, open source components and penetration testing.

Gamification, Collaboration Ready

Engage developers and other technical stakeholders with star ratings, leader scoreboards and champion awards.

Centralized Application Risk Management, Delivered

Brinqa Application Risk Management enables the centralization and standardization of the underlying services that are common across individual application and infrastructure risk management projects. The consolidation establishes an enterprise view of application risk to allow management to make informed decisions related to resource management and funding allocations, reducing time and cost.

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Brinqa Application Risk Management

Brinqa Application Security Risk Management delivers a framework for comprehensive and continued security assurance of an organization’s software ecosystem. By promoting secure application development through well-defined, risk-oriented SDLC governance, IT organizations can strengthen their application security posture from the inside out, building applications with a demonstrable focus on security during every step of the development process.

Authoritative Application Repository

Brinqa Application Risk Management helps establish an authoritative inventory by providing a ready-to-use application repository template that can serve as the golden- source for application inventory. Existing sources may be leveraged using Brinqa data connectors to common asset management, CMDB or proprietary systems to populate the golden source.

Integrated Business Context

An effective application risk management program factors this distinction into its risk evaluation methodology to ensure that risks and threats are rated based on business impact and not merely on security or technical requirements. Brinqa Application Security Risk Management solution promotes this by providing features in the application repository template to capture, maintain and represent this information. Alternatively, inherent risk assessments may be conducted to evaluate business relevance and impact if this information is not currently maintained or established in the organization.

Comprehensive Risk Model

The model provides the mechanism to easily integrate, normalize, contextualize and evaluate security information from a wide variety of systems — Static code analysis, Dynamic code analysis, Code review, Open source vulnerability, Penetration testing, Web application monitoring, Application risk assessments etc. Once configured, the risk model automatically ingests information from available security control monitoring systems to deliver uniform risk evaluation and reporting of all applications.

Issue Identification & Remediation

Gaps and threats identified during any step of the application development or risk evaluation process may be converted into issues to be tracked for remediation. The integrated Brinqa Risk and Control Framework provides clear guidelines to developers or application owners about the actions that may be taken to remediate a problem. The controls framework also empowers program owners to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations such as PCI, SOX, FISMA etc.

Risk Analysis & Communication

Brinqa Application Security Management Risk solution comes with a wide variety of application and business hierarchy based reports targeted for a diverse audience ranging from C-level executives to engineering managers. Reports based on products, line-of-business, organizational or reporting hierarchy provide a clear view into which parts of the organizations are most at risk.


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