Application Risk Service

Secure critical business applications through knowledge-driven insights

Easily make your application security program risk-aware with cyber risk insights that identify application findings for remediation, and automate the process for prioritizing and fixing the most critical issues at all stages of the software development life-cycle.

Complete Software Asset Visibility

Accurately enumerate and classify all software assets in your environment — business application, internally developed software, open source components, APIs — while tracking their impact to business.

Shift-left with Confidence

Build a dynamic AppSec program that empowers you to incorporate risk factors and security testing results at every stage of the SDLC — from planning to development, testing, release and beyond.

Connected, Secure Development

Connect all development and security tools into a unified program that normalizes data from varied systems and processes into a standardized solution that addresses the unique AppSec needs of your organization.

Automated DevSecOps Workflows

Automate any aspect of your DevSecOps process — CI/CD, testing, ticket management, alerts and notifications — and drastically improve program efficiency and consistency.

Developer-friendly Security

Deliver security reports and recommendations that your developers look forward to and are designed to make software development easier as well as more secure.

Proactive Training & Education

Address risk before it enters your technology ecosystem by leveraging Brinqa risk insights to proactively inform your employee and developer security trainings and education.

Experience the power of Brinqa platform through a demonstration – discover unparalleled risk visibility and improved security posture within minutes.