Brinqa Team Stories: What Sets Us Apart

Feb 01, 2023
Brinqa News

In January 2023, Brinqa was featured in an article by Built in Austin profiling Austin companies that are hiring. In this article, BuiltIn describes:

Energetic work environments, significant earning potential and the space to build authentic client relationships are just some of the reasons why sales representatives love their jobs.

At the wrong company, however, it’s easy for those benefits to sour, with sales teams instead being dominated by cutthroat competitiveness and impersonal management.

In industries ranging from cybersecurity and transportation to barbershop operations and home improvement, these employees are passionate about their products and services and committed to furthering organizational missions.

When considering what makes their newfound roles so rewarding, nearly every featured employee named having supportive, ambitious teams that value collaboration and celebrate each other’s successes.

“When one of us wins, we all win,” said Morgan Rush, an account executive at Brinqa. “You can really feel that across all departments that take part in sealing the deal.”

One of the things that Account Executive Morgan Rush loves about Brinqa is the people, all of whom are passionate about problem solving and delivering cybersecurity solutions to customers. Rush also appreciates the software company’s true teamwork mentality.

As a sales team member, what were you looking for when you started your most recent job search?

I was looking for a place that would allow me to grow within my career. It’s easy to find a sales position, but it’s harder to find one with opportunities for growth and challenges. I didn’t want to take just any job; it was most important that I felt like my career was valued.

What initially stood out to you about Brinqa, and how has that perception changed?

What initially stood out to me with Brinqa was the people. Every individual I came across seemed to have a passion for the work they were doing and a fervor for the problems that the solution was solving.

Since the start of my tenure here, this has only grown more prevalent. We have impeccable enterprise software that has the capability to truly change the way people work. If we can make teams work together more easily, we are going to do it.

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