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Weekly InfoSec Roundup 05/25/2018

As this week comes to a close we are officially in a new era of compliance and security with the implementation of GDPR taking effect today. While this has been on the top of most companies minds, a developer found a new vulnerability related to

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 05/18/2018

As always it's been an eventful week in InfoSec, it seems like we can't go a week without witnessing another breach of a large well-recognized company. Popular restaurant chain Chili's announced a breach of credit card information. While Adobe and Cisco both dropped patches and

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 05/11/2018

This week in infosec news we see the Equifax breach is receiving attention once again. It is nearing the year mark of when the breach occurred and lasting consequences and coverage is still going strong. With critical flaws hitting Chrome, Microsoft, and others this week

Brinqa @ Cyber Security Summit Dallas, TX

          Brinqa is a sponsor next week at Cyber Security Summit which is close to home in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, May 15th. Make sure to stop by our booth where we will be available for product demos and discussions around cyber

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 05/04/2018

This week in infosec news GDPR was the hot topic, with it being just a few weeks out from implementation enterprises are still falling short on adopting proper security practices. InfoSec is constantly changing and evolving, so your strategy should be flexible enough to accommodate

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 04/23/2018

It was an exciting week for Brinqa and the infosec community. Plenty of great articles to catch up on covering zero-day threats and configuration vulnerabilities. Which fits in great with the webinar we just published this week “7 Strategies for Effective Vulnerability Remediation” be sure

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 04/16/2018

With #RSAC18 coming to a close we wanted to recap what you might have missed this week while attending. Odd-Job Marketplace, TaskRabbit, took their entire site offline after a security incident. Rather than waiting for the problem to worsen, they chose to take their site

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 04/13/2018

As usual, infosec news was eventful this week. It doesn't seem like we can go a week without the exposure of another breach or large scale vulnerability popping up. One of our favorite articles noted that "Every minute, nearly 5,000 data records are lost or

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 04/06/2018

Delta, Sears, and Best Buy were all impacted this week by a breach from their online service provider, putting credit card info for many customers at risk for exploitation. With breaches like this occurring it's important to look back at Q1 of this year and

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 03/30/2018

This week in InfoSec news we saw even more large companies hit with WannaCry and breaches, it's always important to stay vigilant and up to date on who and what has been affected. Investments in cloud and IoT have lead to new levels of risk

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