Vulncon: Nestlé’s Recipe for Unified Vulnerability Management

by Brinqa Security Team
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As a large enterprise with a complex ecosystem, Nestlé and organizations like it often encounter numerous challenges when it comes to vulnerability management. These include managing large and diverse environments, accommodating various technologies with distinct requirements, navigating complex ownership structures, coordinating multiple security teams and tools, and adapting to constant change. 

To address these challenges, the Vulnerability and Risk management team at Nestlé, made it their mission to use Brinqa to build a comprehensive system that integrates the most practical approaches for each specific environment. By doing so, Nestlé dramatically increased productivity through automation and enhanced situational awareness to enable a multitude of use cases and reporting capabilities.

At a recent Vulncon Information Security Conference, the team shared insights and reasons why:

  • DIY vulnerability management and spreadsheets won’t work. 
  • Scanners cover only 30% of critical vulnerabilities, and learn about the timing mismatch between exploit publication and scanner signatures. 
  • Auditors recommend scanning environments, normalizing data, creating internal tickets, and orchestrating the process. 
  • They took a unified approach to assessing,, prioritizing and holding the business accountable. 

Watch the video below to learn how they did it as Angelo Punturiero, Jenifer Jiménez, and Martin Karel reveal the unified vulnerability management framework they built on Brinqa. And, see how their formula for mastering the overwhelming number of vulnerabilities has worked to reduce risk for Nestlé.  Tune into the full video of the Vulncon session to see how Nestlé is preventing any kind of exploitation before scanners detect an issue. 

Spotlight on Nestle Speakers

At Brinqa, we are grateful for our ongoing relationship with the team at Nestle and the work they’ve done to share the advanced systems they’ve built to reduce vulnerabilities across their business. 

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