Brinqa Adds McAfee to Stable of Partners

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Internal risk.  External risk.  Regulatory risk – when it comes to ensuring secure and compliant enterprise systems and processes, there are risks around every corner.

That is why Brinqa has teamed up with McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated technology security firm, and joined the Security Innovation Alliance (SIA).

“Becoming a member of the SIA signifies Brinqa’s commitment to providing our customers a seamless risk management environment that leverages existing investments in McAfee solutions,” said Amad Fida, Brinqa’s CEO.  “Consolidating data-sources within a central risk management platform will deliver a thorough, global, and accurate view of application risk, enabling fully-informed decision making processes across the enterprise”

Brinqa’s centralized, fully automated, and re-usable GRC Platform combined with Brinqa Risk Manager provides the most comprehensive risk management solution available on the market today and can be customer tailored to fit the needs of any enterprise.  The system allows management teams to assess the maturity of their current programs, define and improve internal processes, measure ROI and risk reduction and review metrics and trends in real-time.

The addition of McAfee security information and vulnerability management data into the platform will expand the already quite comprehensive “risk view” available to IT professionals and management teams.

“Our partnership with McAfee will mean our current and future customers will extend our already top-rated risk management capabilities,” Fida said.  “We’re really pleased to be offering these new capabilities.”

The McAfee SIA is the foundation of a technology ecosystem designed to assemble leading security innovators.  Program requirements were driven by customers’ need to have greater interoperability between security solutions and the innovative solutions that address emergent threats such as application risk.

“We’re pleased to add Brinqa to the McAfee SIA,” said Ed Barry, McAfee’s senior SIA director.  “Our customers face growing challenges to secure their network and maintain compliance and are looking to integrate Brinqa with their McAfee solutions.”

For more information on the McAfee SIA and McAfee Vulnerability Manager please visit:


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