Case Study

Fortune 500 Company Unified All AppSec Findings with Brinqa

DTCC, the clearing house for all wall street transactions, employs more than 300 developers for its business-critical applications. They have thousands of internally developed, commercial, and free, open-source applications. Prior to Brinqa, DTCC had no way to measure the risk of progressing applications into production throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

"Developers can now login to Brinqa to see all findings related to their code instead of having to login to 10 separate application security testing tools to quantify the risk associated with their code"

With Brinqa, DTCC achieved a 10x reduction in developer time spent in security tools and an 85% reduction in security team time spent preparing risk reports. They can now make real-time decisions on business application risk and have the confidence that high-risk AST findings are fixed based on prioritization that reflects their business processes.