Case Study

Fortune 500 Company Remediates the Most Important Risks with Brinqa

This HIPPA regulated Fortune 500 healthcare firm had policies to govern ownership and SLAs for assets, but no way for security teams to automate their enforcement. The customer struggled to ensure that developers were trained, motivated, and empowered to make the policies an integral part of the software infrastructure.

"By identifying and focusing on our most critical applications, we drastically improved our overall security posture through targeted remediation of the most dangerous and impactful vulnerabilities."

This healthcare firm prioritized improving the security posture of their crown jewels. With Brinqa, over a 3-month period, they reduced high-risk vulnerabilities on these critical assets by more than 50%. They also reduced overall vulnerability volume by 20% – while creating fewer tickets, reducing ticket management overhead, and improving remediation speed and efficiency.

vrm - automate risk remediation