Brinqa Named in Magic Quadrant for Vendor Risk Management

We are excited to announce that Brinqa is in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Vendor Risk Management! The category includes vendors that offer IT VRM solutions to assess, monitor and manage exposure to risks arising from the use of third parties that provide products and services.


A little about the quadrant – Earlier this year Gartner posted several blog entries regarding the “burning” of the EGRC Magic Quadrant. In a blog entry, Paul Proctor announced: Gartner Resets Their New Approach to GRC. One of the reasons for the new approach is stated as, “GRC solutions buyers are shifting away from a platform-centric approach to one focused on targeted solutions for specific use cases.”


We, of course, have been one of those vendors sharing our experiences with Gartner and our experience was consistent with this change as most conversations we engaged in with our customers and prospects were driven to a specific area of the broader GRC market. Needless to say, we wholeheartedly agreed with the new approach. Gartner defined several use cases, including IT Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Operational Risk Management and a few others. Our expertise and industry knowledge drives us to one of several use cases we offer, Vendor Risk Management. Our unique Risk Analytics Platform (we are the only vendor with an underlying core analytics platform) allows us to bring together many of the use cases in one solution. In the report, Gartner calls out one of our strengths as, “…an innovative risk analytics platform that uses a graph database and has highly flexible data collection, aggregation and reporting capabilities.”   As a technology vendor, we enjoy solving our customers’ problems, we work hard at anticipating their needs before they do but we also keep our eye on the market for shifts and changes. This shift has put a spot light on us that is very welcome and validating. The IT VRM software market is a small but growing market. Gartner has chosen only 10 vendors in this magic quadrant, and we are pleased to be among them.


Earlier this year Brinqa was also recognized as one of the “Cool Vendors in Security Intelligence”.  Gartner selected Brinqa as one of only five vendors in the Security Intelligence category.


Get more details about Brinqa Vendor Risk Management here.


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