Brinqa is recognized as “Cool Vendor in Security Intelligence”

Earlier this month Brinqa was recognized as one of the “Cool Vendors in Security Intelligence”.  Gartner selected Brinqa as one of only five vendors in the Security Intelligence category.  Over the last few years we have focused primarily on risk analytics around specific business areas such as application risk, vendor risk, privacy risk and IT security risk.  Most recently, we launched a cloud application for supplier risk management that includes standards based assessments for vendor profiles and controls assessments.  The cloud application leverages our robust Brinqa Risk Analytics Platform and has proven to be a very simple, low cost entry point for many organizations.

Getting recognition for our accomplishments certainly is cool, rest assured that we will continue to be thought leaders in risk analysis and deliver solutions in this emerging market.  Gartner defines being a cool vendor as those who are a “signal” of what is coming in the near future.  Those vendors who are showing what is possible in terms of technology and helping businesses “future proof” their IT roadmaps.   Cool vendors are innovative and transforming the way businesses operate as well as how consumers are engaging with technology.

It turns out, this is exactly what we are passonite about doing at Brinqa!   You can find out more about the Brinqa Risk Analytics Platform here.  Brinqa is solving security problems with cutting edge technology to make it easier for our customers to do their jobs faster, cheaper and smarter.  We are excited about the Gartner recognition and will continue to forge forward with innovation and coolness!

Read more about Brinqa & Cool Vendor here.


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