Brinqa Reimagined – Taming Big Data and Big Governance

Welcome to the new and improved Brinqa. We’ve just revamped our product offering to recognize and address the new top of mind issues for our customers. Now, as today’s business environment changes more rapidly every minute, infrastructures have become more complex, more and more data is available that needs to be managed, more regulations must be addressed, and more threats and risks are developing all the time. So we’re introducing the Brinqa Risk Analytics platform to help companies manage all the risk and governance data in the enterprise, and to develop threat and compliance profiles, reports and action plans to address these issues.

The new Brinqa risk analysis solution integrates data from all sources, including structured and unstructured data. It then correlates all the information to identify currently persistent threats from all the data in the network flow, like vulnerability details, logs, and audits.  Then it combines it all with identity, IT infrastructure, enterprise-level security and applications data to find advanced threats, and to develop trend analysis and data models for future issue remediation. Deep dive functionality opens up new granular views on risk for the enterprise. It manages remediation strategies and efforts, along with providing the big view of overall enterprise risk.

Brinqa sits on top of existing GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), security applications from all parts of the infrastructure, including other management tools and information repositories across the company. It provides analytics to make the data more actionable and more understandable by management. With Brinqa you’ll stay informed on all aspects, big and small, of risk and compliance for your business. Dashboards, trends analysis and reports are all part of the package so you’ll always know exactly what’s happening and what needs attention in your business.

Welcome to the new Brinqa and to a new, more manageable business environment.

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