Brinqa – Turning Risk into Reward

Back in 2008, in the early days of Brinqa, the company was focused on regulatory compliance and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). So what led to Brinqa’s shift to risk analytics? That was a question posed to Brinqa President and Co-Founder Hilda Perez during a recent interview with Security Week’s Noa Bar-Yosef.


According to Perez, there were four reasons why Brinqa turned its focus to risk analytics:


  • The need for better insight. According to Perez, businesses began “building up a lot of data around specific areas in security. They were asking us whether we could provide better insight as to what the data was saying on a business level.”
  • Getting more from compliance reports. Perez said, “it wasn’t just about the compliance report being checked off. It was more about what goals the business was targeting against those particular risks that were showing up in the report. Risk analytics was more about analyzing those results and being able to remediate.”
  • Educating around having a risk-based culture. Perez gave the example of “what if you have ten risks sitting on a list somewhere- why would you be working on three risks rather than on all ten? Risk analytics allows us to address and evaluate all the risks against where they came from and against their priority to the business.”
  • Data Clarity. As Perez explains, “Brinqa filters out just the relevant stuff- anything coming out of it is prioritized and analyzed while everything else is noise or clutters the view.”


The business need for risk analytics resulted in the creation of the Brinqa Risk Analytics Platform, which offers more data aggregation, correlation and analysis covering more business functions than any other single solution today. By listening to its customers, understanding their pain points and offering a solution, Brinqa has turned risk into reward, carving a niche in the risk analytics space that remains unparalleled.


To read the entire Hilda Perez interview with Security Week, click here.

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