Solution Comparison

Brinqa vs Kenna Security

See why customers choose Brinqa over Kenna Security to manage cyber risk across their attack surface.

Feature Comparison

Attack Surface Coverage

Risk Scoring

Automated Remediation

Dashboards & Reporting

Asset Management


✅  Full attack surface coverage that spans all security tools (infrastructure, AppSec, cloud security & more)
✅  Easily connect to hundreds of data sources to leverage the tools & systems you’re already using
✅  Builds custom data connectors for free

Kenna Security

❌  Doesn’t incorporate security findings outside of traditional infrastructure
❌  Lists less than 60 data connectors on their website


✅  Risk scores are transparent and personalized to your business
✅  Transforms how your organization prioritizes risk with scores that incorporate business context
✅  Remediation prioritization your stakeholders trust

Kenna Security

❌  One-size-fits-all risk scores don’t reflect your business priorities
❌  Stakeholders question risk scores and don’t take action


✅  Brinqa automatically creates remediation tickets, assigns ownership, track SLAs & groups vulnerabilities for faster remediation
✅  Bi-directionally syncs with dev/IT project management tools (Jira, ServiceNow, etc.) for closed loop remediation tracking

Kenna Security

❌  No automated remediation. For each issue, you must right click to create a remediation ticket.


✅  Personalize to audience (Executive, IT/Dev remediation owner, security)
✅  Data from entire attack surface is available (infrastructure, AppSec, cloud security & more)
✅  Highly configurable to easily customize dashboards & reports

Kenna Security

❌  Lacks customization & no business context for executive audiences
❌  Limited data provides narrow view of attack surface


✅  Provides a unified asset inventory that consolidates and reconciles multiple data sources to improve security control coverage and establish definitive asset ownership
✅  Supports 3x more data sources across wider range of categories including infrastructure, AppSec & cloud security tools

Kenna Security

❌  Poor attack surface coverage and data accuracy problems that limit usefulness
❌  Supports fewer data sources & is slow to add new ones

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By leveraging Brinqa, we achieved a 90% reduction in critical vulnerabilities and a 75% reduction in high vulnerabilities!

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