Replay Part 4 of 4 On-Demand – Brinqa Webinar Series: Enterprise Vulnerability Management Programs

Part 4: Technical Capabilities Necessary for Effective Vulnerability Management

Originally aired: Wed, Dec. 19, 2018
Brinqa’s BrightTalk Channel

Pezhman Nikpour, Cybersecurity Solution Principal at Slalom Consulting and Syed Abdur, Director of Product Management at Brinqa recently spoke at an ISACA San Francisco chapter event laying out in detail various critical aspects to consider when designing a vulnerability management program.

In part 1 (now available as an On-Demand video), Pezhman made the case for why vulnerability management is a crucial security control that all organizations must embrace.

Part 2 (available On-Demand), picked up from where he left-off with Syed elaborating on how knowledge graphs are a vital solution to vulnerability management as we tackle challenging aspects that you and your team deal with daily.

In part 3 (available On-Demand), Pezhman presented a case study detailing vulnerability management at a Fortune 100 Utility company. You heard about how they went from handling about 65 tickets a month manually to more than 2 thousand in 6 months – with the power of Brinqa automation in their workflow.

Here in part 4, Syed will look at the nuances of risk modeling, data connectors, automation, remediation, and analytics. He discusses how they come together effectively and highlights the 10 rules of thumb for solution architects consider as they build vulnerability management programs.

Brinqa Enterprise Vulnerability Management Webinar part 4 of 4

Our Speakers:

Syed Abdur, Director of Products, Brinqa


of Products,

Pezhman Nikpour

Solution Principal,
Slalom Consulting

On-Demand Replay of Brinqa Enterprise Vulnerability Management Webinar part 1 of 4

Part 4: Technical Capabilities Necessary for Effective Vulnerability Managementllenges

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