Create powerful reports with the new Brinqa Risk Platform

With the latest release of Brinqa Risk Platform, we have made it a lot easier for end-users to create powerful metrics and reports on their own. Good reporting can transform the effectiveness and efficiency of risk and security programs — by increasing visibility, encouraging accountability and improving communication. While Brinqa application come pre-configured with a

Brinqa @ Data Connectors Austin Tech Security Conference 2016

We will be at the Data Connectors Austin Tech Security Conference 2016 on November 9 in Austin,TX. Visit our booth to see the ground-breaking Brinqa Risk Platform and our security analytics applications. The Risk Platform includes connectors to 100’s of security systems, delivering unprecedented visibility and insight into your security data. Click on the following

A Vulnerability Management Primer – Part 2 : Challenges

In Part 1 of this blog series, we talked about why Vulnerability Management should be an integral part of all InfoSec programs and tried to define the scope for this discussion. In Part 2 of the Vulnerability Management Primer blog series we are going to talk about the common challenges that prevent organizations from being

A Vulnerability Management Primer – Part 1 : Incentive & Scope

Vulnerability Management (VM) is consistently ranked among the top priorities for most information security organizations today. It is no longer an optional initiative for infoSec departments, with security compliance reviews and audits explicitly calling for vulnerability management as a necessary component of enterprise security. SANS lists ‘Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation’ as #4 in its list

Brinqa @ Qualys Security Conference 2016

We will be at the 2016 Qualys Security Conference on October 12, 13 in Las Vegas. Visit our booth to see the latest iteration of the Brinqa Risk Platform in action as we present our most comprehensive and advanced vulnerability management solution ever. Talk to Brinqa experts to see how you can implement advanced use

Brinqa Review on Fourth Wall Research

“Austin-based Brinqa has confidently managed to carve out a slice of the security analytics sector, thanks to their flagship product – the Brinqa Risk Platform” writes Javvad Malik for Fourth Wall Research. A renowned security analyst and co-founder of Security B-Sides London, Malik notes “The Brinqa Risk Platform shows a lot of promise. As the

Role of Threat Intelligence and Risk Analysis in achieving Effective Vulnerability Management

Register for the Webinar Vulnerability management is a top priority for most security organizations today – and for good reason. Of all the attack surfaces monitored and evaluated at most organizations, networks and associated vulnerabilities present some of the most lucrative opportunities for attackers. The spate of highly publicized Zero-Day vulnerabilities in the past couple

Live Webinar : Mastering Vulnerability Management : A Risk-based Approach with Brinqa & Qualys

Brinqa Risk Analytics, a leading provider of unified risk management solutions, is now integrated with ERPScan, the most respected and credible Business Application Security provider, to deliver a best-in-class Enterprise Security Management solution. Together, the industry leading and award winning technologies from ERPScan and Brinqa offer centralized security management for mission critical business applications such as SAP and Oracle.

The Makings of Quantitative Risk Assessment

This is the third post in our ongoing series on IT risk assessments. In our first post we established critical foundational concepts and considerations. In our previous post we discussed different frameworks and how to best make use of them. In today’s post we will delve into the topic of qualitative versus quantitative risk assessment

Leveraging Standards for Risk Assessment

In our first post in this series, we introduced core concepts of risk assessments, including where they fit within the overall risk management process and the exceptional importance of first completing the context-setting stage of the process. In that post, we looked at ISO 31000 as a reasonable model for an overall risk management process,

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