Product Feature

Aggregate Data

Every enterprise environment has a challenge in having the data they need readily available at the moment they need it to make a critical decision. Our data aggregation framework connects to any source of information whether it is network data, event data, metrics, tickets or threats. Set it up once and it automatically synchronizes your

Correlate and Analyze

Brinqa Risk Analytics addresses the need to ensure functions exist that easily identify, measure, monitor and control risks as they relate to critical applications in the enterprise. Brinqa Risk Analytics is a complete risk platform that keeps up with your constantly changing environment. Brinqa Risk Analytics combines robust risk modeling and prioritization with a correlation

Dashboard and Report

Comprehensive risk dashboards and reporting provide C-level views of an overall risk posture that includes drill down into details on all information reported. Dashboards can instantly create graphical representation of target data for analysis and risk assessment. Take the guessing out of decision making and get to the information that makes a difference to your

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