Weekly InfoSec Roundup 03/23/2018

​ Russian Cyberspies Hacked Routers in Energy Sector Attacks “A cyberespionage group believed to be operating out of Russia hijacked a Cisco router and abused it to obtain credentials that were later leveraged in attacks targeting energy companies in the United Kingdom, endpoint security firm Cylance reported”Read More Accelerating cyber risk: Complacency is not an

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 03/16/2018

This week in infoSec news vulnerabilities and the importance of tracking and patching were common discussions whether you are in the healthcare industry or as a large utility provider. With the number of critical vulnerabilities constantly increasing, a comprehensive approach to managing that risk needs to be implemented before the real world consequences of breaches

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 03/09/2018

Enjoy some great articles about the importance of good cybersecurity policies and how they can mitigate the risk of massive lawsuits. Yahoo was hit with a payout of $80 million in a securities class action settlement this week for data breaches. Brinqa also had a busy week hitting the road to local Texas conferences, be

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 03/02/2018

Enabling Better Risk Mitigation with Threat Intelligence “In order to get the maximum benefit from threat intel you need to be able to operationalize it. Here’s how.” Read More   Leveraging Security to Enable Your Business ​“When done right, security doesn’t have to be the barrier to employee productivity that many have come to expect.

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 02/23/2018

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 02/16/2018

This week in the InfoSec Roundup Equifax is making its rounds in the news all over again. With more details surfacing about the breach and the announcement of a new CISO, it’s proving that a breach can haunt you for months.    New Details Surface on Equifax Breach “Documents provided recently by Equifax to senators revealed that

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 02/09/2018

This week in InfoSec news cybersecurity culture and best practices for companies has been brought to the forefront. Get caught up on how you can build that culture and avoid becoming the next target of 2018.   NIS and the Critical National Infrastructure Scale “Cyber-resilience of critical national infrastructure (CNI) is now fundamental to the

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 01/26/2018

The best security strategy starts from the top, shifting how executives are viewing cybersecurity has been a popular topic this week and no question why! With 1/3 rd of global firms experiencing breaches it’s never been more important to bake security in from the beginning. Responding in the Wake of a Cyberattack “With cyber threats,

Brinqa @ AppSec California

Brinqa is a Gold Level Sponsor next week at AppSec in beautiful Santa Monica, CA January 30 – 31st. Make sure to stop by our booth where we will be available for product demos and discussions around cyber risk management. Make sure to register before tickets sell out: https://2018.appseccalifornia.org/index.php/register/      

Weekly InfoSec Roundup 01/19/2018

This weeks roundup covers some of the continued headaches and heart aches that have been associated with Spectre’s many patches, CPU failures, and now malware that has sprung to life in the form of fake patches. Brinqa will also be attending Data Connectors in Houston next week for more details read on. List of Links:

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