Cyber Risk Graph

The knowledge graph for cybersecurity

The Cyber Risk Graph is a real-time representation of an organization’s infrastructure and apps, delineation of interconnects between assets and to business services, and the knowledge source for organizational cyber risk.

Connects Everything
Links all relevant cybersecurity information into a uniform, easy to query risk model by connecting with disparate data sources within and outside your organization.
Standardized Cybersecurity Ontology
Provides a common framework and language for all cybersecurity data, creating a medium where any system or process may be integrated and enabled for risk analysis and management.
Effective, Informed Actions
Develops and applies the knowledge necessary for informed cybersecurity decisions; while identifying and enabling the most effective and efficient actions that improve security posture.
Complete Visibility, Constant Communication
Promotes transparency by providing risk visibility into every connected technology, program, process and tool; and by effectively engaging and communicating with all stakeholders.
Future Proof
Evolves with your technology infrastructure and InfoSec programs and mandates; to represent and address the unique cybersecurity needs of your organization.

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