Knowledge Platform

A low-code platform for knowledge-driven cybersecurity applications

Brinqa Knowledge Platform is a collection of shared capabilities for creating, managing, and operating enterprise-grade knowledge graphs. Design and develop low-code cybersecurity applications for a variety of use-cases while leveraging the power of a unified, dynamic, and robust knowledge source.

Data Design Studio
Implement a dynamic knowledge architecture with semantic data models that represent complex, context-rich information. Create entities and interconnects with hierarchical modeling of business functions, processes, infrastructure and apps.
Data Connector Framework
The assessment framework supports intelligent assessments that evolve with changing scope and state of analysis to reduce responder fatigue and ensure the highest quality of manual data collection possible. Assessments make extensive use of Brinqa Risk and Control Framework to go beyond static data collection and provide powerful control evaluation and gap identification.
Intelligence Engine
Develop new knowledge by applying automated reasoning to semantic data models, across massive volumes of data from diverse sources - enabling new and meaningful insights and driving desired outcomes.
Automation Engine
Increase productivity with efficient, automated data collection, normalization, correlation, analytics, response and reporting. Streamline remediation processes with automated creation, tracking and escalation of tickets and tasks.
Analytics Interface
Visualize and communicate knowledge and insights easily through self-service, user friendly metrics, reports and executive dashboards.
Big Data Graph Backend
Engage the power of the leading graph database - Neo4J - along with built-in load balancing, distributed processing and data recovery for true big data graph analysis.
Tailored User Experience
Easily customize application menus, views, navigation, facets, and almost every other UI element through code-less UI-based configuration.
Custom Application Development
Build new and extend existing applications to solve even the most complex data analysis problems with full control over every aspect of application design.

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