Scale, Speed, Agility.

An Enterprise Platform Built Exclusively for Cyber Risk Management.

The Power of the Graph, Unleashed.

What makes Brinqa cyber risk applications different? We have big data and analytics in our DNA.

From the graph database backend to dynamic data ontology, Brinqa Risk Platform has been built to handle large volumes of highly connected, complex, evolving security data quickly and with ease.

Represent, analyze and report on cyber risk across the entire technology infrastructure with ease.

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Brinqa Risk Platform

Delivers a complete set of capabilities and features to represent, integrate, and correlate unlimited sources of data for secure and rapid analysis. The platform provides management and automation support throughout the risk identification, mitigation, validation, and communication processes.

Flexible Data Models

To represent and integrate virtually any possible source of security data, Brinqa Risk Platform provides complete control over the modeling of real-world security, IT and business entities, their relevant attributes and the relationships between them.

Use 'Out of Box' domain models provided with Brinqa applications or extend the schema to create truly ‘bespoke’ representations of enterprise cyber risk.

Lightweight Data Connectors

Brinqa Connectors provide enterprise ETL capabilities in an easy to use, point & click package with lots of utility features that greatly simplify the collection, transformation, and normalization of security data required for cyber risk analysis.

Setup connector configuration and sync schedules once and the platform will automatically retrieve, cleanse, massage and transform data into the format appropriate for every risk model.

Automation Rules Engine

Brinqa rules engine makes it ease to automate a significant percentage of common cyber risk management tasks and processes - integration and correlations of data from external sources, risk evaluation and prioritization, creation of tickets and tasks, notification and engagement of various stakeholders, creation and delivery of targeted metrics and reports, and more.

Tailored User Experience

Brinqa applications allow configuring every component of the user experience - menus, views, dashboards, reports etc. - to deliver an optimized user experience for all your stakeholders.

Powerful Security Analytics

Actionable metrics and reports enable all relevant stakeholders to seamlessly, securely and proactively collaborate towards improving the cyber risk posture of the organization.

Brinqa reporting is a full BI interface that can be used to create powerful metrics and reports across any cross section of the enterprise risk graph.

Enterprise Grade Security

Brinqa Risk Platform and applications are developed with the strictest industry security controls and standards. Role-based access management and granular permissions enable highly secured, curated and controlled application access for every stakeholder.

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