Live Webinar : Mastering Vulnerability Management : A Risk-based Approach with Brinqa & Qualys

Join us for a webinar on December 15th, 10:00am PST

Prioritize and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities threatening your organization by combining internal asset risk evaluation with external real-time exploit and threat intelligence to create the most accurate picture of incidence and impact. Effective vulnerability management is within reach through emphasis on key functions — robust vulnerability scanning strategy, dynamic prioritization mechanism that considers internal and external factors, intelligent automated remediation policies, and analytics to monitor risk, exposure and performance indicators.

This live webcast will demonstrate how Qualys and Brinqa work together to provide you with all the tools required to implement a successful vulnerability management program. Attendees will learn how to implement key functions that dramatically improve the effectiveness and performance of their programs, including :

  • Establishing and leveraging asset risk and context during vulnerability prioritization
  • Application of threat intelligence for real-world likelihood and modes of compromise
  • Effective remediation through automated, risk-centric remediation policies
  • Essential risk and performance metrics
  • Business risk and exposure reporting for key stakeholders
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