Making Sense of Data Silos

One of the key problems businesses face when trying to make the most of their data is the “inability to achieve efficient data integration.” Data is scattered everywhere in different silos making it time consuming and costly to access and interpret. That’s where the need for Brinqa and data aggregation comes into play.

Brinqa is featured in a new article from Big Data Republic entitled “Temporary Data Integration Solutions.” In the article, Brinqa’s CEO Amad Fida weighs in on the problems businesses face trying to desilo their data and whether aggregation services actually slow that process by offering workarounds to access that data.

Fida says it’s not really that simple, pointing out the complexities of implementing internal data integration and adding, “not all data can be centralized,” such as high security data. The article goes on to showcase just how Brinqa’s solution serves as an alternative for companies faced with silo problems, “aggregating the data and running massive risk calculations to outline critical issues.”

It’s an interesting discussion on the internal problems businesses face and the outside solutions that are available.

Read the full article here.

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