Minimize Your Risk with Brinqa Risk Analytics 4.0

Brinqa, a leading independent software vendor in the risk analytics market, today announced Brinqa Risk Analytics 4.0, the newest version of its flagship product.  Brinqa provides enterprises and government agencies with an integrated risk analytics platform for aggregation of risk data in large complex environments.  The solution delivers insightful analysis and intelligent reporting for informed decisions and improved operational effectiveness.

Brinqa Risk Analytics is a powerful solution that will help you aggregate, correlate, analyze and report on what matters most.   In moments you have accurate information at your fingertips that support critical business decisions.  At the core of the Brinqa Risk Analytics solution is the ability to aggregate risk data and report on metrics that are forward-looking as well as historical.  The integrated Brinqa Risk Analytics platform is a single solution for aggregation of risk data in large complex environments.  Organizations can expect reduce risk remediation efforts, improved operational efficiency and smarter metrics for more intelligent decision-making.

Key new features of the Brinqa 4.0 Risk Analytics Platform include:

  • Dashboard and application builder from the user interface, easy to customize
  • Event-based assessments, with multi-point distribution to support multiple respondents
  • Enhanced security to support more granular access restrictions
  • Cloud security and data protection standards, controls and compliance reports
  • Additional chart libraries to support advanced multi-dimensional dashboards
  • Simplified connector framework with easy wizard setup from the user interface
  • Enhanced scale and performance of the graph based framework

Brinqa streamlines compliance through automation, monitoring of controls, measurement of key metrics and visibility through executive dashboards and reporting.

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