Brinqa Manages Present and Future Risks

Amad Fida

Brinqa Gives C-Level Executives Unprecedented Data Analytics Tools to Manage Present and Future Risks

Upcoming Release of Risk Analytics Platform Features Enhancements for Comprehensive View
of Risk Data for Better Decision-Making

Austin, Texas – August 6, 2013 – Brinqa, a provider of an integrated risk analytics platform that helps enterprises extract knowledge from their big data for better decision-making, is announcing new capabilities to its flagship platform resulting in the most comprehensive view of risk data available for C-level executives.

The new features will be available in Fall 2013 and include:

  • Enhanced visualizations for mobile, tablet and retina-enabled desktop devices: The platform offers new design, layout and rendering configurations for charts and graphs. Its streamlined user interface provides a more interactive html5 client that is more responsive to different screen sizes.
  • Dynamic assessments/surveys: New branch and skip logic allows users to create more focused, relevant assessments. Incremental assessment capabilities expedite traditionally long and manual assessment process through automatic reuse of recurring answers. Flexible question types include Yes/No, multiple choice, text/comment, etc. Matrix questioning allows for stronger visual interpretation of data.
  • New connectors including for IBM z-Secure, qRadar, JIRA, ServiceNow: Customers can collect and collate data from virtually any source for analysis without additional cost or effort. The Brinqa connector framework now offers more than 80 connectors.
  • Industry-first business intelligence (BI) model for user-defined dashboards and reports: Rich BI functionality allows executives to define dashboards with drill-down capabilities as well as automatically export reports.
  • Advanced machine learning integrated with smart analytics: Clustering, classification and recommendation algorithms allow for deeper data insight and predictive analysis.
  • Customizable library of more than 170 out-of-the-box functions for increased flexibility.
  • Accelerated data processing for faster data integration, correlation searching and calculations.
  • New compatibility with mainframe operating systems such as IBM Z/OS, and z-Linux platforms.

“Brinqa continues to make risk more transparent and easier to manage,” said Amad Fida, CEO, Brinqa. Businesses that once struggled to fully extract knowledge from their big data now have a tool that automates risk data aggregation and analysis down to the smallest detail. The output helps provide a complete understanding of consequences in “what-if” scenarios, allowing C-level executives to make more informed decisions on risk within their organizations.”

The Brinqa Risk Analytics platform provides organizations visibility into all essential data and the metrics needed to proactively offset potential threats. Through complete automation of risk data aggregation and analysis, Brinqa shortens response time to emerging threats and reduces effort and cost to organizations by utilizing a common platform across the enterprise. The Brinqa Risk Analytics platform is the most affordable and easy to use platform in the industry, offering more data aggregation, correlation and analysis covering more business functions than any other single solution available today.

Understanding risk posture is critical to strengthening decision-making. A January, 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. report by Chris McClean and Nick Hayes states, “When managers and directors consider the risk implications of their decisions over time, they should see an improvement in performance based on those decisions. For example, the decision to outsource key business processes to a third party might have very clear cost and performance benefits, but unless they consider risks related to intellectual property protection, consumer privacy, process quality, or service reliability, the company is exposed to potentially costly scenarios that may nullify any of the benefits.”

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About Brinqa

Brinqa is the leading independent software vendor in developing risk analytics solutions that enables enterprise customers to minimize risk, meet stringent regulatory mandates and increase the operational efficiency of their IT infrastructures. Brinqa’s flagship product is a one-stop platform for comprehensive risk aggregation, analysis and reporting, providing Fortune 500 companies with an easy-to-understand view of their risk posture. This gives executives the knowledge needed to make much more informed business decisions for a competitive advantage.

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