Create powerful reports with the new Brinqa Risk Platform

With the latest release of Brinqa Risk Platform, we have made it a lot easier for end-users to create powerful metrics and reports on their own. Good reporting can transform the effectiveness and efficiency of risk and security programs — by increasing visibility, encouraging accountability and improving communication. While Brinqa application come pre-configured with a library of metrics and reports, providing end-users the ability to define their own metrics and reports enables them to fully exploit the analytics capabilities of the platform and create reports that speak to their distinct environment and ecosystem.

Some highlights of the latest iteration of Brinqa Risk Analytics :

  • Dynamic Layouts : Complete control over component alignment and report structures.
  • Drag & Drop : Move components around with ease
  • Report Inputs : Report-level filters that can be dynamically generated and applied over the entire report data-set
  • Traversable Relationships : Create cross-domain metrics by traversing the relationship graph indefinitely
  • Selective Metrics : Create metrics for a targeted subset of application data
  • Easy Transformations : Date-time transformations, grouping and aggregation
  • Eminently Styleable : Complete control over colors, labels and representations
  • Inherently Actionable : Drill-down at the flick of an option
  • Interactive : Share with other stakeholders, provide feedback, collaborate

Watch Self-Service Metrics and Reports with Brinqa Risk Analytics for a video detailing how you can create a report from scratch.

Report Builder Gif

A quick GIF snapshot of the report creation process



Contact us to see how you can create powerful reports for your security programs with Brinqa.

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