Solution Brief: Brinqa + Qualys


Brinqa’s flagship Risk Platform integrates with Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) to deliver the most comprehensive way to analyze, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. Protect your organization against emerging threats and an ever-changing attacker landscape with a risk-based approach to vulnerability management.

The combined solution uses integrated asset management as the foundation for business-centric risk analysis of vulnerabilities. Scan data from Qualys is automatically imported and enriched with threat intelligence (e.g., iSIGHT Partners, Verisign iDefense, AlienVault OTX, IBM XForce). Enhanced vulnerability data is then analyzed with business context to evaluate real-world impact and immediacy of threats. Integrated workflows provide a highly simplified path to vulnerability remediation. Actionable, task-centric dashboards and reports ensure that there is a constant emphasis on undertaking actions with the greatest positive impact on the organization’s security posture.

The integrated solution comes with ready-to-use risk models, asset hierarchies and report templates. Users can configure the turn-key solution to automatically collect scan results for advanced consolidation, correlation and risk scoring of vulnerabilities to deliver immediate risk insights to stakeholders.