Datasheet: Brinqa Risk Platform

Brinqa Risk Analytics Platform is the engine that drives Brinqa unified risk management solutions, delivers streamlined, uniform interactions to define risk models, establish risk profiles, configure granular risk assessments, incorporate data from a variety of sources, define relevant risk metrics and indicators, and create reports and dashboards to take the heavy lifting out of risk management, letting you focus on the efficient discovery, analysis, and remediation of your most critical risks.


  • Best-practice based, multi-dimensional risk models
  • Aggregation & correlation of data from variety of sources
  • Visualization of risk relationships and flow of sensitive data
  • Standardized, modular, and extendable risk scoring functions
  • Secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable data warehouse for historical risk trend
  • Risk and remediation prioritization based on business context and quantitative analysis
  • Intelligent, dynamic, context-aware assessments
  • Predictive analysis for forecasting, reduction in exposure, and remediation recommendations
  • Self-service, insightful dashboards and reports
  • Full-text search engine for universal information discovery and identification
  • Instant scalability for unlimited growth in size and scope
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