Case Study: Financial Services Threat & Vulnerability Management

F500 Financial Services Firm uses Brinqa TVM to Secure Crown Jewels

The customer is a global Fortune 500 financial services firm providing investment management services across the Americas, Europe and Asia. As a cutting edge financial services organization involved in high-value business transactions, it was crucial for them to ensure that the technology infrastructure enabling critical business processes was secure and protected against compromise.

With the Brinqa Risk Platform we were quickly able to establish the business criticality and impact of our technology assets. We developed and implemented a remediation strategy with this insight, initially focusing our remediation efforts on our crown jewels and moving down the priority list, establishing a context-aware security baseline across the enterprise.

While relatively mature in their overall security posture, the customer was aware that there was a lack of understanding of the risks associated with their critical applications, the underlying technology assets, and their potential to adversely impact business. The customer has a fairly large technology infrastructure footprint, both traditional (data centers) and emerging (cloud, IOT), and the results coming out of the various assessment and monitoring tools where overwhelming the security operations and IT administration teams. Without a good understanding of the importance of individual applications and assets, and with a deluge of problems that needed to be fixed, the customer recognized that they had to rethink their approach.

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