Brinqa Cyber Risk Services
Better security through knowledge-driven insights.

Brinqa Cyber Risk Services are built for security; transforming security, context and threat data into knowledge-driven insights that empower organizations to own their cyber risk.


  • RISK AWARE PROGRAMS & PROCESSES — Brinqa Cyber Risk Services enable businesses to establish their unique cyber risk graph that connects all security data, business context and threat feeds. The cyber risk graph is the source for knowledge-driven risk insights and the automated actions necessary to streamline all security programs and processes.
  • ENTERPRISE GRADE RISK MANAGEMENT — An enterprise grade cyber risk management solution empowers executives, IT auditors and all security stakeholders with easy access to real-time answers to critical cyber risk questions.
  • FUTURE PROOF, TAILORED SOLUTIONS — Brinqa Cyber Risk Services evolve with changes in technology stack or processes without disrupting risk and remediation processes.
  • COMPLETE CYBER RISK COVERAGE — Brinqa Cyber Risk Services provide complete cyber risk coverage across the entire technology infrastructure – networks, applications, cloud, containers, IoT, and OT environments.