Effective Vulnerability Management
Large magnitude of vulnerabilities, ever-changing threat landscape and high cost of compromise make vulnerability management an urgent and critical security function for organizations today.
To be effective, vulnerability management programs must build intelligence into every step of the process, from prioritization to remediation and reporting. The challenge now is to identify and remediate those vulnerabilities that pose the biggest and most urgent threats to an organization, while maximizing returns on remediation efforts. To accomplish this, we must confront an ever-changing attack landscape — where new vulnerabilities are discovered daily, malwares and toolkits are developed at an alarming rate, and attackers frequently change their strategies. Join us as we welcome Jayson Jean, Director of Vulnerability & Exploit Intelligence at Verisign for a discussion.
  • Incorporating security intelligence best practices
  • Leveraging threat intelligence and risk context for prioritization
  • Controling vulnerability flow through rule-based remediation tracking
  • identifying and report key vulnerability risk and performance metrics