QSC17 Brinqa Session “Building a Comprehensive Cyber Risk Program”

Building a Comprehensive Cyber Risk Program through Effective Vulnerability Management

In this session, presented originally at the Qualys Security Conference is Las Vegas on Oct 19 2017, we discuss how Brinqa customers are creating a new breed of cyber risk intelligence programs by making Qualys vulnerability management a central focus of their efforts.

These programs take vulnerability management effectiveness to a new level, by introducing automation at every step of the process – whether it is integration and correlation of data from multiple sources, prioritization of vulnerability and asset risks, creation and management of tickets based on optimal remediation strategies, or representation and distribution of real-time metrics and KPIs.

By taking these core capabilities and applying them to additional sources of security data — asset inventory, network management, web application scanning, BC/DR, policy compliance, IDS/IPS, change and configuration management, directory services, SIEM, etc. — these programs are providing security analysts, business owners and executives with actionable insights that were previously unattainable.

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