Understanding Application Risk Management
In this session we will discuss how modern InfoSec organizations tackle the challenge of securing and protecting their software infrastructure.
By taking a knowledge-driven and risk-centric approach, these organizations strategically leverage existing investment in security tools (SAST, DAST, Open Source, Penetration Testing, CMDB, Asset Management, Threat Intel, ITSM) to design application security programs that identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities that pose the biggest threats to the organization — in a highly automated and efficient manner.


  • Identification of critical applications based on internal asset repository, business context and data lifecycle management.
  • Automated user task creation to complete missing business context and ownership information through business rules.
  • Evaluation of vulnerability risk scores based on severity, asset value, data context, threat intelligence as well business impact and compliance requirements.
  • Drastic improvement in remediation coverage of critical applications through automated workflows and actions.
  • Consistent ticket creation, ownership assignment, and SLA enforcement across multiple ITSM tools and remediation teams through automated rule-based ticket creation.
  • Real-time risk and performance reporting and monitoring for critical business functions,
    services and assets.