Brinqa Vendor Risk Service
A unified solution for continuous vendor risk monitoring through granular, context-aware risk assessment, treatment and communication.

Brinqa brings the power of an advanced Risk Modeling and Analytics framework to solve today’s vendor risk problems in an innovative and comprehensive manner. By integrating with diverse sources of vendor information in your organization, the solution provides you with the most complete representation of vendor dependencies possible. Leveraging existing investments in commercial risk and exposure rating agencies, you can incorporate reliable information collected about your vendors by dedicated organizations to build informed vendor risk profiles.


  • Centralized and standard vendor risk repository
  • Comprehensive vendor risk profiles : leverage commercial risk ratings and exposure
  • Intelligent vendor classification : consider changes in relationship, scope, and financial and operational footprint
  • Granular risk assessment : Evaluate vendor relationship, services provisioned and products delivered
  • Continuous vendor evaluation : evaluate frequently based on governance levels
  • Assess what matters : Identify risks and evaluate mitigating controls
  • Leverage technology security tools to evaluate risk associated with vendor products