Webinar on Modern Vulnerability Management | Brinqa
Vulnerability Management Is Important for Cybersecurity

With attack surfaces expanding as IT environments become more complex, threat actors finding new and more sophisticated ways to infiltrate systems, and the explosion of security findings from disconnected tools and teams, most organizations are struggling to design and implement an effective vulnerability management strategy.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Today’s cybersecurity challenges that demand a change in vulnerability management
  • The three critical capabilities for management vulnerabilities in this modern enterprise
  • How Brinqa transforms vulnerability management processes

The Critical Capabilities of Modern Vulnerability Management

An effective vulnerability management strategy that meets the requirements of modern cybersecurity should contain these three capabilities:

  1. Context: Combining business context, security findings, and threat intelligence into a unique risk score makes fixing the vulnerabilities that matter to your business easy
  2. Automation: Automating vulnerability management processes improves the effectiveness of cybersecurity programs so organizations can manage the avalanche of findings discovered by security tools.
  3. Analytics: Vulnerability analytics ensure that stakeholders are informed and engaged. Organizations should track risk posture, business exposure, vulnerability impact, and remediation performance.


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