Simplifying Security and Risk

Brinqa:  Security and Risk Simplified

Growing fast and deploying even faster is what Brinqa was all about this year!

Simplifying security and risk was the biggest challenge for large organizations and we stepped up to deliver.

Brinqa continues to gain the attention of many who are seeking an easy way to solve a difficult problem.  More and more customers are demanding the ease of use of their mobile applications combined with the complexity of their diverse enterprise environments.  We have been relentless in our pursuit of making it simple and easy to manage and aggregate data to bring your information to you wherever you are.

Our partnerships with vendors such as Rapid7, Qualys and McAfee have allowed for the integration of our GRC Platform, enabling customers to aggregate their data into a single, intuitive, user-friendly dashboard view of risk.   The combination of vulnerability manager asset discovery data with Brinqa’s asset life-cycle management and asset classification provides the comprehensive GRC solution so many enterprises are looking for.   This is a combined effort that aggregates data for simplified viewing and reporting.

Tolerance for complex enterprise applications has gone by the way side and we made room for “simple and easy” in the world of “complex and difficult”.   Our focus for 2012 continues to be improved ease of use, expanding our reach with cloud solutions, compatibility with mobile devices , all with a focus on risk analytics and intelligence and we will continue to bring value to our customers by finding ways to work together to solve big problems.


Simplifying Security and Risk in 2012.


af sig 6 Simplifying Security and Risk


Amad Fida
Chief Executive Officer, Brinqa

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