The Brinqa Buzz – 12th July 2013

A look back at the week in Risk Analytics, Big Data and other buzzworthy items

Will Big Data Make The World A Safer Place?

Big data is expected to “have a transformative effect on security.” That is, of course, if an organization “can collect all this data, intelligently manage and analyze it, and leverage it for investigations.” Sounds like a job for analytics! Read the article here.

Risky Business In India

India is gearing up for a risk analytics explosion of sorts. A new report predicts that by the year 2020, risk analytics will be a $2.5 billion dollar industry in the country. India is predicted to be a global hub for the outsourcing of risk and procurement analytics services.

Big Data Analytics On The Rise Down Under

A new IDC survey finds Big Data Analytics is being widely adopted in Australia. 80% of 300 organizations surveyed said they have already or plan to launch big data analytics within the next twelve months.

Calling All Data Scientists

The big data explosion has resulted in a growing need for people who can interpret the data into something tangible. By 2018, 190,000 more workers with analytics expertise and 1.5 million more data-savvy managers will be needed in the US alone.
Read more here.

How Big Data Could Potentially Save Lives

A report this week showcased how big data is being used to analyze military veterans’ Facebook posts to spot suicide risk factors. The opt-in program uses predictive analytics by monitoring social media posts to predict suicidal risks.

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