The Brinqa Buzz – 28th June 2013

A look back at the week in Risk Analytics, Big Data and other buzzworthy items

Big Data and Risk Management Go Hand-In-Hand

Chief Financial Officers are realizing the benefits of big data for smarter risk management. A CFO article this week said big data and predictive analytics are not only accelerating business performance, but are allowing CFO’s to move beyond the role of “corporate scorekeepers.”

It’s Time For a Deeper Dive

A new survey finds 80% of risk managers believe deeper risk-related data is needed in order to fully reap the benefits of analytics. 29% don’t believe their companies know just how much risk they can take on.  Read the full article here.

The Scoop On Hadoop

Hadoop took center stage in Silicon Valley this week. The open source framework has evolved into the leading big data platform, though not without some hiccups along the way. Read more here.

Everybody Wants To Get Into Act

Big data has expanded well beyond the tech world and is now growing across various industries. Articles this week included big data being used to “revolutionize healthcare” and to “shape the future of travel.”

Big Brother is Watching

Not all the big data buzz was glowing this week. There is growing concern that big data may “spell trouble for consumer privacy.” Read what New Jersey Congressman Rush Holt has to say about it here.

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