The Origins of Big Data

The term “Big Data” is everywhere these days.

It’s a buzzword picked up by the media that most people still can’t define and yet every tech company under the sun is now looking for their “six degrees of separation” connection to latch on to the trend.

Wikipedia probably has the user-friendliest definition calling Big Data “a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.”

But how did Big Data rise to such prominence? Where was the term first coined and how long has Big Data REALLY been in existence?

A recent article in Forbes entitled “A Very Short History of Big Data” answers those questions within a comprehensive timeline that shows Big Data is not an overnight sensation, but instead was envisioned long before the technology to deal with it ever was. The article tracks the evolution of Big Data from its infancy as an idea into the $5 billion dollar market it is today and the $50 billion dollar market it is projected to reach by 2016.

Despite its slow rise to becoming a household name, there’s no denying that Big Data has made an impressive showing in the tech world and is a key term that people WILL understand in the very near future.

You can get ahead of the curve by reading “A Very Short History of Big Data” by clicking here.

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