Brinqa: building on our 2010 success for an amazing 2011

More products.  More customers.  More partners. Improved products.  New innovations – 2010 was a great year for Brinqa and its clients and now we plan to build on our recent successes and “turn it up to 11” this year.

In the past year, Brinqa has increased its customer base by 300 percent, attracting major new clients in the education, insurance, and financial services sector.

Being entrusted by one of the largest banks in the world to provide risk management and GRC services is a great testament to the quality of Brinqa’s product line, as well being a great responsibility that we know our team is more than capable of meeting.  In 2011, Brinqa will be focusing on expanding its outreach to large enterprises and government agencies across many verticals, emphasizing its experience and flexibility.

2010 also saw Brinqa release version 3.0 of its flagship product and add six new partners, including CSC, Ernst & Young, and American Systems.  Improving our products and improving our industry partnerships will continue to be a top priority in 2011.

In the coming year, Brinqa plans to explode across the GRC industry, with constant expansion and improvement being the watchwords.

We are expanding our global presence in Germany and the United Kingdom to better serve our clients around the world.

Version 4.0 of our main product will be released with numerous improvements, including expanded connector sets.  We also plan to continue to invest in new cost-effective alternative product delivery options, including enhancing our products to extend our “cloud enabled solutions.”  This will allow our clients even more flexibility and accessibility.

Brinqa’s planned expansion also includes new tailored solutions for both the health care industry and government services market.  Considering the current uncertainty in both sectors, we know that our GRC and risk management services will be embraced by government agencies desperate to save money and ensure that tax dollars are properly handled and by hospitals and insurers responding to the new strictures of health care reform.

Finally, we are going to make sure our clients – current and prospective – and our partners have all the information they need to maximize their Brinqa experience.  We’ve planned an expanded webinar series and we will be increasing our public outreach programs.  Finally, our website will become the true information hub of the GRC industry.

Yup – We’re turning it up to 11 this year and we hope you’ll join us!

af sig 6 TURNING IT UP TO 11

Amad Fida
Chief Executive Officer, Brinqa

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