Weekly InfoSec Roundup 01/26/2018

The best security strategy starts from the top, shifting how executives are viewing cybersecurity has been a popular topic this week and no question why! With 1/3 rd of global firms experiencing breaches it’s never been more important to bake security in from the beginning.

  • Responding in the Wake of a Cyberattack

    “With cyber threats, it’s only a matter of when and not if you’re going to be impacted. Some attacks are within your control, and some aren’t, so you need to be prepared on what to do when you do become a victim.”
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  • In the Eyes of a Chief Information Security Officer

    “Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)! it’s a position that first appeared in the 1980s when Steve Katz was given the title while working with Citibank in New York City. “
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  • 9 Steps to More-Effective Organizational Security

    “Too often security is seen as a barrier, but it’s the only way to help protect the enterprise from threats. Here are tips on how to strengthen your framework.”
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  • Most Companies Suffer Reputation Damage After Security Incidents

    “New Kroll Annual Global Fraud & Risk Report says 86% of companies worldwide experienced security incidents and information theft and loss in the past twelve months.”
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  • Dell Advising All Customers To Not Install Spectre BIOS Updates

    “The Spectre & Meltdown mess continues with Dell now recommending their customers do not install the BIOS updates that resolve the Spectre (Variant 2) vulnerabilities. These updates have been causing numerous problems for users including performance issues, boot issues, reboot issues, and general system instability.”
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  • The Top Five Global Cyber Security Threats for 2018

    “In the year ahead, businesses of all sizes must prepare for the unknown so they have the flexibility to withstand unexpected and high impact security events.”
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  • Code Execution Flaw Impacts Popular Desktop Apps

    “A remote code execution vulnerability was addressed in the Electron framework, which powers highly popular desktop applications, including Slack, Skype, Signal, GitHub Desktop, Twitch, WordPress.com, and others.”
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  • Bell Canada Hit by Data Breach

    “Bell Canada has started informing customers that their personal data has been compromised in a breach that reportedly affects up to 100,000 individuals.”
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  • Use of multiple cloud platforms makes it harder to secure digital transformation

    “Cloud changes how developers build and secure apps – but using more clouds makes it harder to secure the business”
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  • Government CIOs will increase spending on cloud, cybersecurity and analytics

    “Cloud solutions, cybersecurity and analytics are the top technologies targeted for new and additional spending by public sector CIOs in 2018, while data center infrastructure is the most commonly targeted for cost savings, according to a survey from Gartner.”
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  • Embracing the Cultural Shift that Comes with Secure DevOps

    “As organizations strive to innovate quickly and be more agile, development teams are driven to deliver code faster and with more stability.”
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  • Over a Third of Global Firms Breached in 2017

    “Over a third (36%) of global organizations were breached last year, a 10% increase from 2016, according to new figures from Thales.”
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  • Security Automation: Time to Start Thinking More Strategically

    “To benefit from automation, we need to review incident response processes to find the areas where security analysts can engage in more critical thought and problem-solving.”
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  • Threat and Vulnerability Management: Sometimes You See the Bullet Coming

    “Cybersecurity risk management is complicated. Threats, both known and unknown, are omnipresent. We are compelled to evaluate the likelihood of a threat exploiting a vulnerability in our organization and the possible impact the threat may have on our operations.”
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  • Basics for soaring above security challenges

    “Getting the basic “must-haves” right will not only enable you to handle today’s issues, you’ll establish an approach you can build upon to soar above a future of challenges.”
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  • Brinqa @ Data Connectors Houston

    The Brinqa team had a successful show in Houston this week for Data Connectors Houston

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