Weekly InfoSec Roundup 02/23/2018

In this weeks InfoSec weekly roundup we are focusing on securing your company during it's digital transformation. With an ever increasing amount of vulnerabilities and a huge increase in cyber crime the c-suites are taking the time to make cybersecurity one of their top priorities. 

Lawsuits threaten infosec research — just when we need it most

"Security researchers and reporters have something in common: both hold the powerful accountable. But doing so has painted a target on their backs — and looming threats of legal action and lawsuits have many concerned.”

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Record-Breaking Number of Vulnerabilities Disclosed in 2017: Report

“A record-breaking number of vulnerabilities were disclosed in 2017, with a total of 20,832 such security flaws, a new report from Risk Based Security shows.”

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FedEx Customer Data Exposed on Unsecured S3 Server

“Thousands of documents from US and international citizens were exposed on an Amazon S3 bucket configured for public access.”

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Proactive Threat Hunting: Taking the Fight to the Enemy

"Pulling together everything your security team needs to be effective at threat hunting is not easy but it's definitely worthwhile. Here's why."

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Is This The Year of Reckoning for the CISO - Part One

"Whichever way you look at it, the role of CISO is becoming an increasingly unattractive prospect. Whether it’s the sheer scale and variety of 24/7 threats facing businesses today, the complex compliance requirements that must be fulfilled, or the growing scrutiny of cybersecurity operations at board level, it’s almost an unwinnable position."

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C-Suite Divided Over Security Concerns

“Survey shows 60% of CEOs plan to invest the most resources in malware prevention, but CISOs, CIOs, and CTOs are on a different page.”

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Cybercrime drains $600 billion a year from the global economy, says report

“According to McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, nearly one percent of global GDP is lost to cybercrime each year.”

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The global cyber war is heating up: Why businesses should be worried

“From NotPetya's global disruption to North Korea's digital plundering of financial institutions, state-sponsored cyber attacks should be top of mind for business leaders. Here's how to defend against them.”

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Cisco bug lets anyone login to network as admin with a blank password

“Cisco has patched a critical bug affecting the web portal for its Elastic Services Controller Software that gives anyone full control of a vulnerable system by entering a blank password in the admin password field.”

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Leveraging Security to Enable Your Business

“Wouldn't it be great if everyone were trustworthy? No bad guys trying to break in and steal your cyber assets, and everyone is able to do their jobs unobstructed and without fear of negative consequences? That's when businesses succeed, costs go down, productivity skyrockets, and everyone is happy.”

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Enabling Better Risk Mitigation with Threat Intelligence

“To effectively respond to cyber threats these days you need to have a way to prioritize them. Data from your IDS, IPS, firewalls, routers and other internal hardware and software systems is critical to detecting threats on your network. But the sheer volume of alerts generated by these systems can make it very hard for your security team to separate the threats that are likely to cause most harm from the ones that are less severe.”

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Blog Post: Secure, Future-Proof your Organization’s Digital Transformation with Brinqa and Cherwell

To accomplish secure digital transformation, organizations must develop cyber security practices that can adapt to emerging technologies and trends. How can you ensure that your cyber security programs and processes are designed for success today, while ensuring that they are prepared for the tools and technologies of tomorrow? That is the question that Brinqa Cyber Risk Management and our innovative partner, Cherwell, address for you. Thanks to Matthew Peeples and  Cherwell Software  for collaborating on this post.

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