Weekly InfoSec Roundup 03/09/2018

Enjoy some great articles about the importance of good cybersecurity policies and how they can mitigate the risk of massive lawsuits. Yahoo was hit with a payout of $80 million in a securities class action settlement this week for data breaches. Brinqa also had a busy week hitting the road to local Texas conferences, be sure to check out our upcoming events!

Yahoo Agrees $80m Securities Class Action Settlement

“Yahoo has agreed to pay $80m to settle a class action suit filed by investors relating to data breaches affecting three billion customers.”

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US DHS Slammed for Infosecurity Deficiencies

“The US government agency tasked with securing the nation “could protect its information and systems more fully and effectively,” according to a damning new report.”

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Is This The Year of Reckoning for the CISO

“... CISO must drive change in the team they surround themselves with and businesses must play their part supporting and elevating the CISO role. “

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Applebee’s Hit by POS Malware

“Over 160 Applebee’s restaurants in the US may have been breached, after the franchise company overseeing them admitted it found malware on Point of Sale (POS) systems. “

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Why Security-Driven Companies Are More Successful

“Software Security Masters are better at handling application development security and show much higher growth than their peers. Here's how to become one.”

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Pragmatic Security: 20 Signs You Are 'Boiling the Ocean'

“Ocean-boiling is responsible for most of the draconian, nonproductive security policies I've witnessed over the course of my career. Here's why they don't work.”​

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If you don’t change security policies after a data breach, when will you do it?

“As if it wasn’t already bad enough that many companies are plodding along with inadequate cybersecurity policies, new research suggests that more than half of Australian businesses ...”

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Millions of Office 365 Accounts Hit with Password Stealers

“Phishing emails disguised as tax-related alerts aim to trick users into handing attackers their usernames and passwords.”

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Brinqa hit the road to several local Texas conferences this week at CS4CA in Houston and BSides Austin! 

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