Weekly InfoSec Roundup 03/30/2018

This week in InfoSec news we saw even more large companies hit with WannaCry and breaches, it's always important to stay vigilant and up to date on who and what has been affected. Investments in cloud and IoT have lead to new levels of risk exposure, that being said learn how to cut back on your exposure by watching our most recent webinar Vulnerability Risk Management - Lessons From the Trenches.

Breaches Missed, Companies Don't Know What They're Looking For

“Less than half of IT professionals (48%) would be fully confident knowing a breach had even happened, meaning that more could have taken place without their knowledge.”
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Executives regret hasty cloud investments as risk, security issues pile up

"With NDB now law and GDPR looming, 71 percent of executives believe business risk was not taken seriously enough during cloud migration

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Energy Sector Most Impacted by ICS Flaws, Attacks: Study

"The energy sector was targeted by cyber attacks more than any other industry, and many of the vulnerabilities disclosed last year impacted products used in this sector, according to a report published on Monday by Kaspersky Lab."

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Getting Ahead of Internet of Things Security in the Enterprise
"In anticipation of an IoT-centric future, CISOs must be rigorous in shoring up defenses that provide real-time insights across all network access points. "

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Over 90% of companies expect to spend more on cybersecurity in 2018

"More than 90 percent of respondents expect to spend more on cybersecurity measures this year, up from 55 percent last year, according to the 20th Global Information Security Survey released by Ernst & Young."

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Boeing Computers Hit by WannaCry
"Aerospace giant Boeing was struck with the notorious WannaCry ransomware this week, but initial fears it had infected a production facility have since been dismissed as speculation."
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No Pain, No Gain? Seven Common CISO Pain Points and How to Fix Them
"Hackers and the latest malicious unleashing aren’t the only headaches CISOs have to deal with. LogRhythm’s Chief Information Security Officer, James Carder, explains seven common pain paints – from endless meetings to inflated egos – and outlines some (pain) killer strategies to alleviate them."
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[Webinar] Vulnerability Risk Management - Lessons From the Trenches

One of the largest retailers in the world, top 5 medical insurance firm, largest US electric utilities provider - these are just some of the industry leaders that rely on Brinqa Vulnerability Risk Management to secure their critical assets. How do these cybersecurity organizations - representing some of the most complex, diverse and vast technology ecosystems in the world - tackle the most pressing vulnerability management problems of today?

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