Weekly InfoSec Roundup 05/11/2018

This week in infosec news we see the Equifax breach is receiving attention once again. It is nearing the year mark of when the breach occurred and lasting consequences and coverage is still going strong. With critical flaws hitting Chrome, Microsoft, and others this week it's important to know how to execute your patch management plan quickly and effectively. 

After Equifax breach, major firms still rely on same flawed software

“Hackers stole 145 million records by exploiting a vulnerability in a widely used open-source web server software that the credit rating giant failed to patch months earlier. Names, addresses, social security numbers, and more were swiped -- leaving Americans at risk of credit fraud and identity theft.”

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Unpatched Flaws Expose Lantech Industrial Device Servers to Attacks

“Two critical vulnerabilities have been discovered by a researcher in industrial device servers from Taiwan-based industrial networking solutions provider Lantech. The flaws can be exploited remotely even by an attacker with a low skill level, but the vendor has not released any patches.”

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Equifax Update Clarifies Breach Details to SEC

“Under-fire credit reporting agency Equifax has released updated figures clarifying the types and volumes of data stolen in its massive 2017 breach.In a letter sent to regulator the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday, the firm explained that although the total number of affected customers remains the same, it has been able to confirm the total volume of each breached data type.”

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The GDPR Opportunity

“Privacy has been top of mind recently-especially as we near May 25 when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. Companies that do business in Europe will now be on the hook for damages caused by data breaches and are doing everything they can to remain in compliance.”

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Microsoft Patches Two Zero-Day Flaws this Month

“Microsoft has patched over 60 vulnerabilities in this month’s security update round including two being actively exploited in the wild.”

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Compliance Complexity: The (Avoidable) Risks of Not Playing by the Rules

“Achieving compliance is a challenging process, but with the right systems and customized data management policy, your organization can stay ahead of the next data breach -- and the regulators.”

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26% of Companies Ignore Security Bugs Because They Don’t Have the Time to Fix Them

“A survey compiled last month at the RSA security conference reveals that most companies are still behind with proper security practices, and some of them even intentionally ignore security flaws for various reasons ranging from lack of time to lack of know-how.”

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Chrome 66 Update Patches Critical Security Flaw

An updated version of Chrome 66 is now available, which addresses a Critical security vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take over a system.A total of 4 security vulnerabilities were addressed in the latest browser release, three of which were reported by external researchers.”

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Despite tougher obligations, “mismanaged” corporate security has left billions of identity records exposed

More than 3 billion identity records were found spread across visible and underground online sources during 2017, according to new research that lends further weight to suspicions that protection of personally identifiable information (PII) is proving tremendously ineffective in the face of thriving demand from online cybercriminals.”

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