Weekly InfoSec Roundup 05/18/2018

As always it's been an eventful week in InfoSec, it seems like we can't go a week without witnessing another breach of a large well-recognized company. Popular restaurant chain Chili's announced a breach of credit card information. While Adobe and Cisco both dropped patches and fixes for critical flaws and vulnerabilities.

Card Breach Announced at Chili’s Restaurant Chain

“Malware has harvested payment card details from some Chili's restaurants, Brinker International, the company behind the restaurant chain announced on Friday.”

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Chili's Fires Up Incident Response, Post-Breach

“After suffering a data incident in which the payment card information of Chili’s Grill & Bar customers was compromised, Brinker International, the restaurant chain's owner, has issued an apology, letting guests know that it is deeply sorry.”

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GDPR compliance deadline still a 'significant' challenge for many

“GDPR is just days away, but organisations are still struggling to meet the requirements for compliance with the incoming data protection legislation”

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Cisco critical flaw warning: These 10/10 severity bugs need patching now

“Cisco is warning customers who use its new Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center software to install newer releases that address three critical vulnerabilities that can give remote attackers access to enterprise networks.”

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Adobe Slings Fixes For a Further 47 CVEs

Adobe has issued fixes for 47 CVEs, including multiple critical vulnerabilities, less than a week after it released a scheduled set of Patch Tuesday updates.”

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Smashing Silos and Building Bridges in the IT-Infosec Divide

“The relationship between IT and information security can be difficult to navigate: there are traditionally conflicting interests and perspectives between IT, which is responsible for making sure tools and systems work, and security, which must make sure they're protected.”

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Long-Term Plans to Address Risk in Energy Sector

“On the heels of the Department of Homeland Security releasing its cybersecurity strategy, the US Department of Energy has unveiled its own Multiyear Plan for Energy Sector Cybersecurity, an effort to make US energy systems more resilient and secure.”

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Briqna @ Cybersecurity Summit Dallas 

Brinqa had a great time talking with cybersecurity professionals this past Tuesday at CyberSecurity Summit Dallas about their cyber risk management and some of the problems they face each day.

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“​Modern Vulnerability Management : Knowledge, Automation, Analytics

With growing numbers of new vulnerabilities disclosed every year, increasing attacker sophistication, and a myriad of tools and teams that have to be synchronized for effective response, most organizations struggle with designing and implementing an effective vulnerability management program. In this webinar we discuss 3 key components that all modern vulnerability programs must address

- Knowledge: How to create actionable intelligence from business context, threat intelligence, and any other relevant data source
- Automation: How to implement automation to streamline significant parts of the VM process
- Analytics: How to effectively engage and inform all stakeholders

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