Weekly InfoSec Roundup 06/15/2018

This week in infosec news was full of great articles highlighting new vulnerabilities and patches hitting the scene, along with some great reads on cyber threat intelligence and security vulnerabilities. Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar Vulnerability Analytics: The Visual Language of Vulnerability Management.

Security Vulnerabilities: A Threat to Automotive Innovation

“The pace of innovation within the automotive industry has been breath-taking. Only ten years ago, the very concept of self-driving cars and heavy goods vehicles was still regarded as far-fetched.”

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Weight Watchers IT Infrastructure Exposed via No-Password Kubernetes Server

“Just like many companies before it, weight loss program Weight Watchers suffered a small security breach after security researchers found a crucial server exposed on the Internet that was holding the configuration info for some of the company's IT infrastructure.”

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Patch Tuesday Brings Fixes for Adobe, Spectre

“Microsoft has fixed a half century of vulnerabilities for this month’s patch update round, including one publicly disclosed bug and one being exploited in the wild.”

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Microsoft Fixes 11 Critical, 39 Important Vulnerabilities

“The most critical vulnerability, experts say, affects Windows Domain Name Systems, while another lets attackers hack Cortana from the lock screen.”

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Cyber threat intelligence versus business risk intelligence:

“Devising a comprehensive strategy to protect your organization from hackers, data breaches and other cyber security threats is complicated.What you need to know.”

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Adobe patches Flash zero-day, but it's Office not browsers you need to be worried about

“Major browsers have all but shutdown Flash, but advanced hackers have shown how a zero-day Flash Player flaw can be exploited through Office Excel phishing documents.”

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23,000 Compromised in HealthEquity Data Breach

“HealthEquity, which handles more than 3.4 million health savings accounts, was breached when an intruder accessed an employee's email.”

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Intel Discloses Yet Another Side Channel Vulnerability

“Intel has disclosed another speculative execution side-channel vulnerability affecting many of its modern microprocessors that gives attackers a way to steal data, including cryptographic secrets, from computers running the flawed chips.”

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