Weekly InfoSec Roundup 06/25/2018

This Week in InfoSec we've seen phishing campaigns, ransomware, and breaches. Some vulnerability fixes and an announcement from Cisco to patch known vulnerability immediately.

60,000 Android devices hit with ad-clicking bot malware

Android Hack mobile security A new malicious Android app has infected at least 60,000 devices gaining the ability to extract some important information from each device along with installing some ad click malware. The scam's, which was uncovered by...

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Hundreds Report WannaCry Phishing Campaign

Action Fraud is warning of a new phishing campaign using the infamous WannaCry ransomware attack of May 2017 as a lure. The UK’s national cybercrime reporting center claimed on Friday that it had already received 300 reports over the previous two days about...

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Oracle's latest Linux fixes: New Spectre, Lazy FPU patches beef up defenses

Video: Intel says it can't protect all chips vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre. Oracle has released patches for the latest Spectre CPU flaws and a fix for the Lazy floating-point unit (FPU) state restore issue affecting Intel CPUs. Oracle'...

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Not hackers, but exes are remotely controlling smart devices as a form of domestic abuse

One of the conveniences of smart devices such as thermostats, lights, locks, speakers, and cameras is that they can be remotely controlled. But remotely controlling smart home technology has also become a modern pattern of behavior in domestic abuse.Do you...

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Thanatos ransomware: Free decryption tool released for destructive file-locking malware

Victims of a destructive form of ransomware, which fails to unlock files even if the ransom is paid, can now retrieve their files for free with a new file decryptor released by security researchers.Thanatos ransomware first started targeting Windows ...

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Hundreds of Hotels Hit in FastBooking Breach

The hotel booking software provider reports an actor stole personal and payment card data of guests from hundreds of properties.FastBooking, a Paris-based provider of hotel-booking software, is alerting client hotels to a data breach in which an attacker...

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Ticketmaster Breach Discovered in April

Question marks have been raised over Ticketmaster’s internal security and incident response processes after a bank revealed that it alerted the ticketing giant to a recently discovered breach in April. Mobile banking start-up Monzo claimed in a blog post on...

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The 6 Worst Insider Attacks of 2018 – So Far

Stalkers, fraudsters, saboteurs, and all nature of malicious insiders have put the hurt on some very high-profile employers. If recent statistics are any indication, enterprise security teams might be greatly ...

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