Weekly InfoSec Roundup 07/02/18

Homeland Security subpoenas Twitter

Homeland Security has served Twitter with a subpoena, demanding the account information of a data breach finder, credited with finding several large caches of exposed and leaking data.The New Zealand national, whose name isn't known but goes by the ha...

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Vulnerabilities Patched in VMware ESXi, Workstation, Fusion

VMware informed customers last week that it patched several vulnerabilities that can lead to a denial-of-service (DoS) condition or information disclosure in its ESXi, Workstation, and Fusion products.
VMware described the flaws as out-of-bounds read issue...

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New macOS Malware Targets Crypto-Currency Users

A new piece of macOS malware has been observed being distributed via crypto-currency related Slack or Discord chat groups, security researchers warn.
First detailed late last month, the malware is being distributed by malicious actors who impersonate admin...

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Facebook quizzes may have exposed 120 million users personal information

Facebook's data privacy woes continue to grow as a security researcher uncovered the social media's popular "tests“ not only told users which Disney princess they were, but also exposed the private data of about 120 million people wh...

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Machine Learning, Cloud, Compliance and Business Awareness Drive Cybersecurity

Senior businesses awareness of cybersecurity, legal and compliance issues and cloud-delivered products are some of the trends driving the industry, according to Gartner. According to its Top Six Security and Risk Management Trends, Gartner said that “busine...

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Hackers use phoney invoice email to trick you into downloading malware

A newly uncovered hacking campaign is targeting industries including shipping and transport for the purpose of cyber espionage -- with security researchers pointing to a well-funded and highly capable operation working out of China as the culprit.At...

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Putin Pushes for Global Cybersecurity Cooperation

At a Moscow-based security conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said countries should work together amid the rise of cyberthreats.Russian President Vladimir Putin called on countries to better cooperate in the fight against cyberattacks during his a...

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When an insider rides Pegasus into the dark web

The white hat cybersecurity sector, specifically the Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group, experienced what happens when a well-motivated employee decides to break trust and feather their own nest or do harm to their employer.NSO found itself in the thick ...

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