Weekly InfoSec Roundup 07/20/18

"Red Alert" Warning on US Cyber-Attacks, Now at  "Critical Point"

The United States' director of national intelligence issued a "red alert" warning on a dangerous new level of cyber-warfare during a Washington think tank conference. He also spoke of Russia as one of the "worst offenders" ahead of US President Trump's...

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Russia Targeted by Almost 25 Million Cyber-Attacks During World Cup: Putin

Russia was the target of almost 25 million cyber-attacks during the World Cup, President Vladimir Putin said, though he did not indicate who may have been behind the attacks.
During the period of the World Cup, almost 25 million cyber-attacks and other cr...

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Telefonica breach leaves data on millions exposed

Telefonica breach leaves data on millions exposed Hackers exploited a flaw at Spanish operator Telefonica early Monday and likely exposed all the personal data of millions of the company's customers. Identity and payment information – including lan...

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North Korean Hackers Launch New ActiveX Attacks

A new series of reconnaissance attacks targeting ActiveX objects has been associated with the North Korean-linked Andariel group, a known branch of the notorious Lazarus Group.  In May, ...

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Vulnerability or Not? Pen Tester Quarrels With Software Maker

A SpiderLabs security researcher has published details of what he considers to be a vulnerability in the RLM web application provided by Reprise Software. Reprise CEO Matt Christiano has ...

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Cisco patches critical vulnerabilities in Policy Suite

Cisco has resolved a set of critical vulnerabilities in Policy Suite which permit attackers to cause havoc in the software's databases. This week, the tech giant released a security advisory detailing four vulnerabilities which could place enter...

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The Fundamental Flaw in Security Awareness Programs

It's a ridiculous business decision to rely on the discretion of a minimally trained user to thwart a highly skilled sociopath, financially motivated criminal, or nation-state. Most security awareness programs are at best gimmicks that will statistica...

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Adobe Patches Vulnerability Affecting Internal Systems

Adobe has patched what researchers describe as a potentially serious security issue in its internal systems, but the company has downplayed the impact of the vulnerability.
White hat hackers at Germany-based security research firm Vulnerability Lab claim t...

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