Weekly InfoSec Roundup 08/03/18

How pervasive is the insider threat in your company?

The pervasiveness of the insider threat is something every company worries about. And according to the conclusions reached by Dtex Systems based on threat assessments from several global organizations, 100 percent of companies have blind spots that enable ...

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HP Launches Printer Bug Bounty Program

Bugcrowd will manage new vulnerability disclosure award program for HP enterprise printers.HP will pay up to $10,000 per vulnerability found in its enterprise printers under a new bug bounty program. Bugcrowd is heading up HP's new private bug bounty p...

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Reddit Breached After SMS 2FA Fail

Reddit has become the latest big-name tech firm to admit to a major data breach, after hackers compromised staff accounts by intercepting SMS-based two-factor authentication codes. The firm’s CTO, Christopher Slowe, explained in a lengthy Reddit post that i...

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Hacking group combines spear-phishing with mass malware campaign

A hacking group is attempting to carry out targeted attacks against nation states while at the same time using the same infrastructure to carry out spam campaigns with the intention of delivering malware.Active since at least February 2018, the att...

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IoT security warning: Your hacked devices are being used for cyber crime says FBI

Internet of Things devices including routers, IP cameras and even smart locks and connected doors are being targeted by cyber criminals who are looking to exploit them as a gateway for hacking and other cyber attacks, the FBI has warned. An alert fro...

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