Weekly InfoSec Roundup 11/17/17

November Patch Tuesday, role of the board in cybersecurity… find these and other interesting updates and news in this week’s InfoSec roundup.


  • The Board’s Role in Managing Cybersecurity Risks
  • “Cybersecurity can no longer be the concern of just the IT department. Within organizations, it needs to be everyone’s business — including the board’s.”
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  • Mobile Malware Incidents Hit 100% of Businesses
  • “Attempted malware infections against BYOD and corporate mobile devices are expected to continue to grow, new data shows.”
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  • Critical Flaw Exposes Cisco Collaboration Products to Hacking
  • “A dozen Cisco collaboration products using the company’s Voice Operating System (VOS) are exposed to remote hacker attacks due to a critical vulnerability, users were warned on Wednesday.”
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  • Terdot Banking Trojan Spies on Email, Social Media
  • “Terdot Banking Trojan, inspired by Zeus, can eavesdrop and modify traffic on social media and email in addition to snatching data.”
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  • Google Home and Amazon Echo hit by big bad Bluetooth flaws
  • “Google and Amazon have rolled out patches for their respective smart home speakers, Home and Echo, to plug the widespread Bluetooth flaws known as BlueBorne.”
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  • Forever 21 Informs Shoppers of Data Breach
  • “Forever 21 has notified customers of a credit card breach affecting certain stores. Shoppers who used payment cards between March 2017 and October 2017 may be affected.”
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  • Adobe patches 67 vulnerabilities in Flash, Reader
  • “Adobe’s latest security update has swatted a total of 67 bugs, some of them critical, in Adobe Flash, Acrobat, and Reader.”
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  • Oracle Patches Critical Flaws in Jolt Server for Tuxedo
  • “Oracle informed customers on Tuesday that it has patched several vulnerabilities, including ones rated critical and high severity, in the Jolt Server component of Oracle Tuxedo.”
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  • Retailers Beware: 50 Million Fraud Attacks Expected Next Week
  • “Experts are predicting an astonishing 50 million global fraud attempts next week as scammers look to capitalize on a busy shopping period to slip past fraud filters.”
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  • Fasten Database Error Exposed One Million Customers
  • “A popular US ride-hailing service has become the latest firm to publicly expose customer details after researchers found data on an estimated one million users of the service and thousands of drivers.”
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  • Security vulnerability in IoT cameras could allow remote control by hackers
  • “Newly uncovered vulnerabilities in a popular brand of indoor internet-connected cameras could be exploited by attackers in order to gain complete control of the device.”
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  • 7 Assumptions CIOs Make that Impact Cybersecurity
  • “We’ve all heard the question “what keeps you up at night?” And of course every vendor and consultant has exactly what’s needed let us get some much needed shut-eye. All of their technologies and strategies play a role in the concepts below. Seasoned CIOs will look at this list and see them as obvious.”
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